Intelligent Addressable

PineTree's range of Analogue Addressable Intelligent fire alarm system products are designed for providing flexibility through customization and custom programming for each user defined application. All devices in the network communicate with the fire alarm panel and report its status on the SLC with its unique address. In the event of fire, the intelligent fire alarm control panel further evaluates the quantum of smoke present in the reported location and decides the activation of external sounders based on programming.

What is Addressable Fire Alarm System?

Addressable Intelligent fire alarm system consists of a series devices that are wired in a loop with each device tagged with a unique ID and location. These devices are directly connected to the central addressable fire alarm control panel that monitors the functionality and status of each device programmed in the system.

Addressable devices having tagged with its location enables to pinpoint the exact location of fire to take necessary action immediately reducing damage to the property and risk of loss of life

This makes addressable alarm systems suitable for large commercial buildings, spread over a wide area.

Advantages of PTS5K series Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Quickly identify and respond the exact location of a fire / emergency.
  • TFT display with touch screen user interface and networking capabilities
  • Reduced and better handling of false alarms
  • Isolate any particular device or zone in the network during fault / maintenance
  • Alarm delay feature, allows the user to configure the alarm activation time to avoid panic in case of false alarm.
  • More reliability, less likely to lose connection.
  • Lower overall cost of wiring and flexibility for expansion
  • Ability to monitor integrity of the system, with health checks.
  • Network up to 32 fire alarm control panels together
  • Integrate with PC based Central Monitoring System (CMS) Software
  • Integrate with handheld mobile devices to indicate the emergency (Android)
  • Integration of Wireless & Conventional devices
  • User Configurable sounder activation for designated areas

Reduces False Alarm

It is always important to minimize and reduce the impact of false alarms that cause disruptions in any business.

Sophisticated detection algorithms are built in to addressable fire alarm system to offer a high immunity to false alarms. Health diagnostics further reports the devices that need maintenance. A pre-warning alarm will be triggered within the control panel to take necessary within the defined time before full scale alarm activation is carried out automatically.

Increased Flexibility

Addressable devices are wired in a loop and any disconnection in the loop can easily be identified in the system. The cost of wiring is considerably low when compared to the conventional system and offers mode flexibility during expansion.

Device settings can be programmed independently for any device across the system and all the devices are monitored and checked for faults by the system itself, ensuring that everything is in good working order

Short Circuit Protection

Individual loops are protected by a short circuit isolator, which is built into the fire alarm control panel. Therefore, a short circuit in the loop wiring, will not affect the functionality of the overall system.

Auto Configuration

Device auto-learn feature makes it possible to detect the number and type of devices currently connected to the loop making the installation a lot easier.

Graphic Software

Addressable fire alarm panel can be remotely controlled and monitored via network. Graphic software provides a map to quickly identify and locate any fault/fire conditions.