Gas based Fire Suppression system is widely used in areas with critical electronic equipments or operations including Server Rooms, Archives, Switch rooms, Battery Storage Room, Data Centres, Communication rooms, Large Generator rooms etc where water sprinklers can cause as much damage as fire.

Gas suppression systems provide excellent fire protection/suppression without damaging mission critical equipments. We design, supply, install and commission any of the following fire suppression agents that suits your application

• IG-55 • FM200 • Novec 1230

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Suppression System

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IP Based Alarm
Addressable FireAlarm System
Wireless Fire Detection System
Integrated FAPA
Wireless Manual Call Point
Wireless Smoke Detector
Standalone Smoke Detector

Conventional Fire Suppression Control Panel (2Z)

PTSCFS501 is a microprocessor based two zone conventional Fire Suppression and detection control panel that provides fire detection along with components for connecting fire suppression / gas extinguishing systems. Panel features with manual / automatic release of suppression agent with necessary pre-discharge and release indications.

Fire Suppression Control Panel

Manual Release button

Manual Release Button assembly installed along with Fire Suppression control panel is used to release the suppression agent manually during emergency. Control panel further sends appropriate signals to the pneumatic valve for the release.

Fire Suppression Manual Release

Manual Inhibit - Abort button

Manual Inhibit / Abort release button is designed to be used with PTS Fire Suppression Control panels. This device aborts the release of suppression agent when used within the defined abort time frame.

Fire Suppression Inhibit - Abort Release