IP Based Alarm
Addressable FireAlarm System
Wireless Fire Detection System
Wireless Fire Alarm Panel
Wireless Manual Call Point
Wireless Smoke Detector
Wireless Hooter

Network Alarm Station - IP Based

PineTree offers Network alarm station (NAS) that provides essential alert and warning information to remote locations. NAS can be activated remotely over UDP protocol from Network Emergency Call Point, PC, Android, Web or with any other device capable of transmitting UDP packets.

Network Alarm/Siren/Sounder IP Based IP Siren

Network Emergency Call Point (Manual)

Network Emergency Manual call point is combined with Network Emergency Station (NAS) and initiates an alarm, warning or silence signal to the connected Emergency Station (Sirens) across the network. User friendly web based interface allows configuring the IP settings and operation of the device.

Netwok Emergency Manual Call Point (IP Based)

Wireless Electronic Sounder/Hooter

PineTree’s state-of-the-art technology provides wireless alarming devices that can be triggered and silenced in case of emergency from compatible activating devices like Wired/Wireless Emergency Manual call points and smart mobile applications.

Wireless Electronic Siren/Hooter

Network Time Clocks (IP Based)

Network Time display digital clocks are designed to provide accurate time information. The display automatically acquires time from a server. Optional power over ethernet feature is provided for powering the device without using additional power source.

Ethernet Conversion Switches

PineTree provides Ethernet conversion products with optimized hardware design, a user-friendly web interface and compatibility with multiple industrial communication protocols which allows to customize the products to specific requirements.