Network Alarm Station - IP Based Alarm

Model: PTSIPS-V3

  • IP Based Alarm
  • Web based Configuration
  • Battery Backup
  • Simple to Install
  • TCP/IP - UDP Protocol
  • Easy Pairing options

PineTree offers Network alarm station (NAS) that provides essential alert and warning information to remote locations. IP Based Alarm Systems are specifically designed to be used with any emergency system as they can be connected to the network LAN/WAN and activated remotely over UDP protocol from Network Emergency Call Point, PC, Android, Web or with any other device capable of transmitting UDP packets. Remote/Local silence feature inhibits the device when activated.

The device facilitates with three built-in alert, emergency, warning tones and the buzzer activates upon reception of relevant command from IP based network. It includes provision for driving an optional external siren that is powered by the unit. Web based configuration allows to easily configure the device in a couple of minutes.

Download Datasheet
Product Specification
Housing Mild Steel
Protocol UDP
Audible Range 80-90dB @ 1 meter
Operating Voltage 15-18V DC
Secondary Supply 12V 1.3 Ah Battery x 1 nos
Power Over Ethernet (POE) Yes (Optional)
Configuration Web based
Tone Emergency Siren, Alert, Warning

Pair it with Wireless Manual Call Point

IP Based Alarm Station delivers the functionality to pair with Wireless Manual Call Points. Fully customizable devices can also work independently without central alarm panel

Pair it with Emergency Manual Call Point

When priority really matters, Wired Emergency Manual Call Point together with IP based Network Alarm provides real-time emergency alert notifications to any remote location.