Installing Wifi Based Fire Alarm System


Smoke Detector


WiFi Smoke Detector

WiFi based Smoke Detector is a 9V battery operated Photoelectric device with built-in Wifi transmitter that utilizes Wifi Network for establishing reliable Wireless Communication

Call Point


WiFi call point

Wifi based manual call point is designed for the purpose of triggering alarm manually in the event of fire or any other emergency.

WiFi Hooter


WiFi Hooter

PineTree offers WiFi-enabled hooters to provide essential alert and warning tones during an emergency.

Installing Wi-Fi based Fire detection devices at the right location with adequate signal strength is an important step as it determines how the devices will function. The following few guidelines and tips will help you to make the best possible installation.

Locating the devices and router

WiFi signal will have dead spots if there are many obstacles in the path of the signal. Thick walls, doors and glass will obstruct the signal may result in poor signal quality. Locate your Wi-Fi router at a central location to ensure more coverage. Placing the router at a far corner will reduce the usable coverage by half. Higher positions will also help to cover a wide area.

WiFi Fire Alarm Router Placement

Check the WiFi reception at the location using your smartphone

WiFi Fire Alarm Signal Strength

Turn on the router and use a smart phone to identify the signal strength available at the desired location where you want to install WiFi Smoke detectors or WiFi Manual Call points.

Extending the range using WiFi extender / Signal booster

WiFi Fire Alarm Signal Extender

WiFi extender / booster shall be installed and will function as a second router. Two devices will talk to each other and your network should be extended within minutes

Extending range using Network Cable

WiFi Fire Alarm Network cable

A network cable combined with router should be the choice for far locations to extend the range.