WiFi based Addressable Fire Detection System

We offer a whole family of WiFi based Fire Detection and Alarm products to deliver the most out of your WiFi network. With available access points and WiFi devices that support WiFi, PineTree provides a reliable architecture to meet customer expectations and growing technology. WiFi based Fire Alarm devices with plug-and play mechanism is highly suitable for any commercial / residential application demanding Wire-Free installation.

What is Wifi Based Fire Detection and Alarm System?

Addressable WiFi based fire alarm system uses existing WiFi architecture or exclusive WiFi infrastructure to establish a secure WiFi Mesh for Fire detection system. Each device tagged with a unique ID and connects to the specified WiFi network for transmitting the data to the central network Fire Alarm Control Panel.

In the event of emergency, a notification will be instantly pushed to the control panel and sounders as programmed. Even more, facility managers can stay updated with instant notifications to your mobile device while you’re away from premises.

Moreover, the technology requires no cabling and constructing your building management system with wireless devices can provide up to 80% labor savings and a 3-4x faster installation.

This makes Wifi Based Fire Alarm system suitable for large commercial and residential buildings, spread over a wide area.

Security of WiFi based Smoke Sensors and Devices

WiFi technology is relatively simple despite their extensive capabilities. The system utilizes a very limited bandwidth and the network is secured behind a strong firewall.

WiFi Fire Alarm Mesh Network

Maintenance with Wifi based Devices

If any portion of the system network fails, you can pinpoint the issue immediately with suitable network monitoring modules and such alerts will appear on your central control panel and phone

Advantages of having WiFi Fire Alarm System

  • WiFi and Wired networking capabilities
  • TFT display with touch screen user interface
  • Exiting network infrastructure can be used
  • PIN Points the exact location of a fire / emergency.
  • More reliability over Wifi based Wireless network.
  • Lower overall cost of wiring
  • Integrate with PC based Central Monitoring System (CMS) Software
  • Integrate with handheld mobile devices to indicate the emergency

Network Layout

WiFi IP Based Fire Alarm Network Schematic

WiFi enabled Fire Alarm Devices connects directly to the Fire Alarm Control Panel's Access Point. With all the appliances, and structural interference in the location devices can miss a few spots called Dead Zones. Dead Zones can be brought to life using appropriate network infrastructure with routers / extenders.

WiFi IP Based Fire Alarm Network Schematic

A recommended WiFi repeater or extender can be used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network and you can effectively double the coverage area of your WiFi network - reaching far corners of your home or office, multiple floors.

WiFi IP Based Fire Alarm Network Schematic

WiFi repeaters and signal extenders are used to boost the coverage of the WiFi network. Devices are paired with respective access points to transmit the signals. A typical usage of signal extenders is show below (A) Existing Coverage (B) Extended Coverage

WiFi IP Based Fire Alarm Network Schematic

Graphic Software

WiFi Fire Alarm Control Panel can be remotely controlled and monitored via network. Graphic software provides a map to quickly identify and locate any fault/fire conditions.