Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm System Design & Installation

Our extensive design team will provide you with detailed pre-installation drawings and plans for the execution and approval of the project. Designs are done in accordance with the latest applicable standards and procedures.

We offer the following fire alarm services

Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Maintenance of fire detection and alarm system is important and has to be done on regular intervals in order to ensure that all the system components are in working order. Even a minor fault can result in major system failure if not taken care of. As a part of our preventive maintenance, we provide annual maintenance service and routine health check for your fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm System Testing & Commissioning

We offer fire alarm Testing and commissioning services in which the entire devices are activated and the operations are verified.

Wireless Fire Detection System
WiFi Fire Detection
Addressable Fire Detection
IP Based Fire Detection
Conventional Fire Alarm System