Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Fire Alrarm Panel, 1 Loop, 2 Loop, 4 Loop
  • TFT display with Touch Screen
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Expandable Loop Card
  • 128 devices per loop
  • Fire / Fault relay
  • Networking support up to 32 panels
  • Event log with date and time stamp
  • Onboard Self Test
  • User friendly programming interface
  • Auto program functionality
  • Zone mappings (16-96)
  • Sensitivity settings from panel
  • Integration of Wireless & Conventional devices
  • Supports loop powered sounder beacon


PTS-AA series of intelligent addressable fire alarm control panels combined with sophisticated functionality and user friendly simple operations are ideal for commercial, residential and industrial applications. These panels are available in various configurations & customizations. The core system has interlinking networking capability, powerful programming options and expandable analogue loops that supervise and monitors the devices connected to the system and has internal short circuit isolator to provide protection against short circuits in loop wiring.

Advantage of networking capability offers the flexibility of remote monitoring and control of the panel that simplifies maintenance in a cost effective manner. Up to 32 panels can be networked together using Ethernet or supported communication protocols and has built-in relay contacts for external inputs/outputs.

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Product Specification
Product Class Addressable
Primary Supply 230V AC ±10%-15%
Operating Voltage 30V DC ±5%
Indications TFT Display
Relay Contacts/Rating 2 / 2A @ 30V DC
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Humidity <95% Non Condensed
Color Red
Networking Yes (Optional)
Housing Mild Steel
Product Variants
Model Signaling Line Circuits Networking Remote Monitoring Battery Capacity Loop Current
PTSAFAP501 1 (Loop) Optional Optional 12V-7Ah x 2 nos 500mA Max
PTSAFAP501-2LC 2 (Loop) Yes Optional 12V-7Ah x 2 nos 500mA Max / loop
PTSAFAP501-4LC 4 (Loop) Yes Yes 12V-17Ah x 2 nos 500mA Max / loop
PTSAFAP501-8LC 8 (Loop) Yes Yes 12V-17Ah x 2 nos 500mA Max / loop