Conventional Network Module (Co-Net)

Conventional Network Module
  • TCP/IP, UDP protocol
  • East to Install
  • Built-in configuations
  • Remote monitoring & control

CE Approved Certified

Conventional Network Module (Co-Net) is tailored to transform traditional microprocessor based conventional fire alarm system into advanced IP based fire alarm system through which multiple locations having conventional devices can be monitored at a single central monitoring station through network (WAN/LAN). Co-Net is cost effective, efficient and suitable for multi storey malls and several other remote installations having a few conventional devices.

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Product Specification
Product Class Conventional - IP Based
Operating Voltage 230V AC ±10%-15%
Indications Remote only
Alarm output Yes (24V)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Humidity <95% Non Condensed
Color Grey
Operation Requires monitoring station
Housing Mild Steel
How it Works?
1) Conventional devices like smoke detectors, manual call points and heat detecors are connected to co-net module.
2) Co-Net monitors connected conventional devices and reports alarm & faults to central monitoring server over network
3) Remote connectivity is established through LAN/WAN network