What we do?

PineTree is an ISO 9001 certified company and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the most innovative Wireless Fire Detection and IP based monitoring and alarm system. We provide the best technological solutions for your problems. Our products and services work together to improve performance and add value to any operation.

We offer solutions to our clients by proving fully tested hardware & software, complying to international standards and certifications for safety, security and quality of products for mission-critical applications.

Pinetree provides integrated fire alarm systems employing the latest technology for larger buildings, IP based alarm systems, custom developments and alarm monitoring products under the brand name FyreSys ™..

Fire Detection

We design, install and maintain an extensive range of cost effective fire detection and life safety system solutions to meet your specific requirements suited to all environments

Gas Leak Detection

We manufacture a variety of standalone and IP based LPG gas leak detection and alarm devices suitable for monitoring and notification applications.

Fire Suppression

Pinetree provides a complete range of solutions for your Fire Detection & Automatic Fire Suppression requirements ranging from the initial survey through to Installation, Maintenance and Compliance

Central Monitoring

Fire / Emergency Alarm monitoring combines all your standard fire alarm installations into one entity that can be monitored from a central location and trigger alerts on your handheld devices

IP Based Alarm

We offer a whole family of IP/WiFi based Fire Detection, alarm and IP based Guard Tower Alarm Solutions to deliver the most out of your network.


Our Turnkey solution involve in automation of alarm and redesigning the existing fire alarm system with new technology which is a combination of multiple protocols

IP Based Custom Alarm Solutions
PineTree Care : +91 44 27452414

We take the responsibility to ensure, your Fire Alarm System is operational through our dedicated team of service professionals with an expertise to resolve any issues in our products and installation.

We support our clients with Annual Maintenance Contract, remote maintenance and helpline numbers. Having the dedicated service team exclusively for Traditional Fire Alarm and IP based Fire Alarm System, you can be assured that your problem will be solved within the quick possible time.

IP based remote monitoring solutions

Remote monitoring made easy!

Our IP/Network based Fire Alarm System and remote monitoring systems are designed to control and monitor large complex fire alarm installations carried out at multiple remote locations.

IP based Conventional, Addressable & Wireless alarm systems are monitored at one unified monitoring station

Visualize your network panels with status information and stay up to date with notifications when using mobile devices

FEATURED : Wireless Fire Alarm Panel
Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Touch Screen Display

800x400 pixels - 5/7 inches


Network up to 254 panels and devices

Go Wireless

Cost effective network solution

Do more

Manage multiple sectors in one panel

See more

Live events and alarm logging facility

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