IP Based Alarm
Addressable FireAlarm System
Wireless Fire Detection System
Wireless Fire Alarm Panel
Wireless Manual Call Point
Wireless Smoke Detector
Wireless Hooter

Conventional Network Module (Co-Net)

Conventional Network Module (Co-Net) is tailored to transform traditional conventional fire alarm system into IP based fire alarm system. Co-Net is cost effective, efficient and suitable for multi storey malls and several other remote installations having a few conventional devices.

Conventional Network Module-IP

Standalone WiFi/Cloud Smoke Detector

Standalone Wifi/Cloud based Photoelectric Smoke Detector incorporates advanced sensing technology and communication technology powered by a 9V battery. The device when links to configured Wifi-Network with active internet connection and sends alert message to it's paired android based mobile devices with internet connectivity.

Wireless Wifi/Cloud Smoke Detector

Network Alarm Control Panel - IP Based

Network Alarm Control Panel is the core component of the IP based alarm system. Panel utilizes network for communicating with devices bundled with self test and supervisory features. IP-AP-eX Series of Alarm panels is engineered for residential, commercial and industrial applications with features that minimize installation cost and time. Touch Screen TFT further simplifies the system operation, installation and maintenance. They offer the design flexibility, expansion compatibility and operation reliability for large scale installations.

Network Alarm Control Panel - IP Based

IP Based Manual Call Point - (POE/NON POE)

Network IP call point is designed for the purpose of triggering alarm manually in the event of fire or any other emergency. Network Alarm Control Panel receives the emergency signal and activates configured sirens connected within the network.

Netwok Emergency Manual Call Point (IP Based)

Emergency Call Point - TCP/IP (POE/NON POE)

Emergency call point is designed for the purpose of triggering alarm in the event of emergency and utilizes LAN network for communication. Network Alarm Control Panel receives and displays the location that requires immediate attention and activates configured sirens.

Emergency Call Point (IP Based) TCP/IP

IP Based Siren

PineTree offers Network IP Siren that provides essential alert and warning tones triggered in case of emergency from compatible activating devices.
Featuring a very loud alarm with three selectable tones, the device also includes in-built battery backup. IP based Siren is a perfect solution for your IP based emergency notification system. Web based configuration allows to easily configure the device in minutes.

Wireless Electronic Siren/Hooter


F-Notify, a cloud-based mobile app from PINETREE that provides business owners and security personels with real-time alarm indications of their fire alarm system, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

F-Notify Mobile App